HX-4500, High performance bezel-free touch screen POS

The  HX-4500 is a new generation POS terminal with a true-flat touch screen that is a combination of Embedded POS and PC POS technology giving it a slight advantage. With the features/capabilities of PC-POS architecture, “Hybrid” HX-4500 is your first answer because it’s much more than an embedded system with a 15″ bezel-free touch screen, it is based over 35 years of trust and experience.

Proprietary software and hardware with solid-state technology. There are no moving parts, no hard disk, no fan, which offers reliability and stability.

To clarify, some advantages of the Embedded POS, the HX-4500 offers speedy operation as well as instant power on/off without waiting for the OS to boot/finish.  The robust system is secure from virus attacks and hacking. Not to menttion no matter the age of the machine, performance will never deteriorate. Expect everlasting quick and light performance as good as new, swift and stress-free support by Remote Access, Remote Maintenance function can be provided

HX-2500, Stylish Hybrid POS Bezel-free touch screen

Hospitality & General Retail

Comprehensive Sales Reporting and POS Management
Provides detailed sales reporting features and can be programmed easily at the terminal level. ABC Global Systems also offers third-party software that have been developed for fully integrated back-office, head-office or cloud-based reporting and management solutions.

Fully compatible with our 15” touch screen model (HX-4500)
The all-in-one ‘Hybrid POS’ solution that combines the rock solid reliability. To sum it all up expect nothing less than  great  performance with a modern, stylish appearance.

High performance at an affordable price
In conclusion, the Uniwell is also designed to provide the features and performance of much larger, high-end POS terminals, but in a compact form and at a lower cost.

QSR and fast food
Customized receipt
Extensive Topping
Take out/eat-in system with combo menu
Drive through
Web ordering system


Various promotion types including;

Mix and Match Meal Deal, Coupon, etc.

Stock control

Weight/Price embedded barcode and also source marking code

As well as being capable to weight  scalable items

Customer Royalty
Customer management
Also Mifare card (RFID card) Customer Loyalty

Table Manage
Table tracking with floating track capability
Extensive Condiment
Cocking instruction features
Handwritten cocking message
Powerful Kitchen printing facilities
Split bill by item or seat
Checkout bill