NO Locked in contract condition with our Service Satisfaction Guaranteed Addendum applied.

THIS ADDENDUM (“Addendum”) amends the “Merchant Processing Agreement” (the “Agreement”) and “Merchant Application” (“Merchant Application”) between “Merchant” (“Merchant”) and ABC Global Systems (“ABC”) for the Merchant Account of the Business Name above.

The parties agree to the following terms that shall be additive to those found elsewhere in the Agreement:

  1. TRIAL SERVICES. This Addendum applies to the credit card processing services (as defined in the Agreement), and/or credit card terminal (“Terminal”), which is applicable hereunder for the term of the Trial Period.

  2. TRIAL PERIOD. “Trial Period” means the entire contract term from the date Merchant Application being signed by the Merchant. Merchant may terminate the Agreement for the following reasons within the trial months after activation and will not be charged an early termination fee: (1) Merchant being offered a more competitive service package by other processing company, provided that merchant presents ABC the proposal from other processor showing the lower discount rates and equivalent cash back, compatible equipments (if any) that they offer, and ABC fails to match the proposal; (2) Merchant is unsatisfied with ABC’s products and services, provided that merchant’s complaint is substantial and formally filed to ABC’s management via certified mail or e-mail; and the issue is not resolved in a reasonable time; (3) Merchant’s business is closed, i.e. the business is completely dissolved, and presents ABC supporting documents for the closure. (4) If you are unhappy with the Paylo program, and you decide to go back to your old processor. We ask if you will give us a chance to beat their best rate. Merchant will be responsible for all applicable discount, surcharge, monthly fees, or any other charges that accrued to the Merchant Account.

  3. EQUIPMENT RETURN AND CANCELLATION. ABC reserves the right to decline or postpone any Agreement termination request until all Equipment(s) provided to you by ABC Global Systems is (are) properly returned. Equipment(s) must be returned in the original package with all packing materials and all components (phone and power lines, instructions, warranty information, etc.) The Equipment(s) must be in good condition. If the return is deemed acceptable, termination request will be processed within ten (10) business days.

    If Merchant submits termination notice to ABC, but does not return Equipment(s) in good condition as detailed above within ten (10) business days, Merchant agrees to pay the Equipment price as referenced in the Free Terminal Program Agreement, less the deposit amount paid at time of approval, if any.

  4. GENERAL. Except as set forth above, the Agreement shall continue in full force and effect. In the event of a conflict between the terms found elsewhere in the Agreement and this Addendum, this Addendum shall control.  ABC Global Systems may retain a reproduction (e.g., electronic image, photocopy, facsimile) of this Addendum, which shall be considered an equivalent to the original.

Cancelation fee of four hundred and ninety-five dollars will be waived if one of the rules above applies.

Free Terminal, Free Supplies, Free Cost Comparison.