Offering Everything Your Merchants Need

Having an NMI merchant account gives merchants access to all the features they need to run their business, accept payments and keep their data secure. Merchants can process payments, manage transactions and generate reports on all of their payment processing activity from within one platform account.


Virtual Terminal

Merchants can accept payments by swiping cards or by the using the Virtual Terminal from their browser they can key in payment details over the phone or through mail order. Do you have more than one business location? Great, manage multiple Merchant ID’s on a single platform. This helps by consolidating reports, managing branches, organizing inventory and more. Get insight into your transactions because we make it easy for you to find exactly what you ’re looking for. With NMI’s TransactionSearch tool finding transaction information is a breeze. Make it easy for your merchants to bill their customers regularly. All they have to do is establish a recurring billing schedule and the platform handles the rest.

Transaction Routing

NMI platform’s Active Intelligent Routing allows merchants with multiple MIDs on their single platform account to automatically determine which MIDs to route transactions to. Above all NMI’s native shopping cart solution allows merchants to quickly and easily integrate their website to the platform with QuickClick. Merchants can also use the Batch Processing tool to upload their files to the platform and process large volumes of transactions all at once.

Product Manager

Keep your inventory organized through NMI’s Product Manager’s. Enter and manage product SKUs of frequently sold items for quick recall at checkout for Virtual Terminal transactions. We can easily help the merchant migrate from another merchant provider. Meanwhile without having to rework or reprogram their software or applications. In addition, merchants will have access to over  175+ shopping cart integrations. NMI allows merchants full customization and control over accepting payments within their own mobile applications and software through their diverse APIs and SDKs.


Payer Authentication

Allow your merchants to validate the cardholder is actually the shopper. In addition, prevent fraud and protect against unauthorized transactions with NMI’s Payer Authentication service. Merchants will ensure uninterrupted payments for your customers. Particularly those with recurring payments, by seamlessly updating card-on-file account information using NMI’s Account Updater service.

Electronic Invoicing

Get paid faster with Electronic Invoicing, by enabling our merchants to submit payments with a few clicks. NMI also provides a simple, secure and efficient way for merchants to invoice their customers right in their inbox.

QuickBooks® Plug-In

Giving merchants the ability to process transactions, as well as create appropriate accounting entries or mark the transactions right within their QuickBooks®.

Electronic Check

Allow merchants to accept and process electronic check payments directly from their online storefront or through the Virtual Terminal.


In conclusion, we help our merchants get and stay PCI compliant with, CertifyPCI, our web-based assessment that truly simplifies the merchant process of helping a merchant become compliant.

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