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Debit Card Payment Processing

Industry experts have confirmed that debit and bank card services are a growing sector in payment processing, having become a preferred and even simpler method of payment for customers than major credit cards and checks. And they are safer than carrying cash.

Between 1995 and 1999 alone, on-line debit transactions increased from 775 million to 2.9 billion. That equals to a compound annual growth rate of 55%. This study projected that by 2004, on-line debit transactions would reach 13 billion a year. Clearly, accepting credit cards is no longer enough to keep your business ahead of the pack.  No business should miss out on such an enormous sales opportunity, by not accepting and processing debit cards.

ABC’s debit network will take the confusion out of all the debit card payment processing options, allowing you to offer both offline and online payment services for debit cards. This way, your customers can choose how they want to pay, whether it be a credit card payment, virtual credit card, debit card or check.


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