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Your need for a wireless credit card machine will continue to grow along with our society’s “at once” mindset  and its demand for convenience and instant gratification. The payment processing industry is not an exception to this growing trend. Payment solutions are quickly moving away from carbon receipts and credit card swipers to credit card terminals that operate independently of phone lines and power outlets. In today’s world, a transaction on a wireless credit card machine will take 2-5 seconds of a consumer’s time, versus 12-20 seconds for dial-up telephone credit card processing.

With ABC, you can make this convenience available to your customer by providing your point of sale wherever it is needed: at the counter, or even at the front door.
Vx 610

The Vx 610 is a portable, battery-powered wireless credit card machine with exceptional performance and high-end functionality. It uses the latest wireless technologies – CDMA and GPRS – and has advanced security with PCI PED approval.
The NURIT 8020

The NURIT 8020 is the best selling wireless payment processing device in the world. It is lightweight, handheld, and PCI PED approved to make it the fastest, most secure, error-free wireless credit card machine for merchants “on the go.”



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