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Philippine Fiesta

The event is presented by Philippine Fiesta, Inc., a division of Special Edition Press, Inc. (SEPI), a multi-media corporation engaged in publishing, graphic design services, marketing services and staged events. Established in 1991, SEPI now offers diversified services to meet the requirements of its growing clientele.

SEPI offers graphic design services, creative services (copy writing, ad layouts, storyboards, slide presentation artwork), printing services (pre-press, color separations and printing), and production of newspapers, magazines, journals, brochures, posters, packaging designs, calendars, and other collateral materials. In addition, SEPI established its Staged Events Division and successfully ventured into concert presentations and event promotions while blending the elements of cultural festival and international trade show.


Mission Statement

The company aims to be the provider of an avenue for mainstream businesses to reach the fast-growing and very strong Filipino American market, and connect Filipino businesses to the mainstream market in the United States.
In line with this objective, the company focuses on the best interest of customers, exhibitors, advertisers, and sponsors while showcasing the rich Filipino culture and heritage.


Our success is achieved by:

•    Responding to our customers with the highest level of service
•    Innovating our work
•    Valuing our employees and supporters


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