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Competitors’ rates are carefully analyzed and compared to ABC Global Systems rates. When we find that you’ve been overpaying, your company benefits! Every new ABC Global Systems Merchant Services customer will receive a guaranteed payment for each of the first six months that they are a customer of ABC Global Systems equal to the amount they were found to be overpaying their previous merchant services provider every month.

For example, if ABC Global Systems calculates your company’s rate and finds that you overpaid $50 per month with your previous merchant services processor, not only do you save $50 per month moving forward once you sign with us, but ABC Global Systems will pay you cash back for the previous six months’ overspending as well. This gives you a combined savings of $100 per month for your first six months with ABC Global Systems – a cash back bonus of $300 on top of the savings on your new merchant services!

The amount you receive with our Cash Back Program will vary depending on how much you were overcharged by your previous processor. Whatever your overpayment, you will receive it back, multiplied by six when you sign up for a new plan with ABC Global Systems.

Other merchant processing companies may promise cash rewards or free equipment, but only ABC Global Systems gives you all of the benefits listed below. Do the math and add up the savings.

  • Cash Back equal to six times what you were overpaying each month
  • Complimentary credit card processing equipment for as long as ABC Global Systems is your merchant services provider
  • Free terminal paper
  • No locked in contract
  • Direct processing rates from Visa and Mastercard
  • Highly responsive customer service

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